Frequently asked questions...


How long does PAT testing take.

It all depends on how many items you have and where they are located. It normally takes about 1 hour per 25 items but can sometimes be quicker if you can have all your items located in one place. 

Can you PAT test at weekends or in the evenings?

Yes - Sometimes it is only possible to carry out testing when offices are closed or when the public are not present. All equipment tested will need to be switched off which is why it is not always possible during office hours.

Will there be any additonal costs to what I was quoted?

The only additional costs will be for either a repair to cable or plug to ensure that an item passes the test. Will will be upfront about these costs before we carry out the work. For example to change a plug will be £5 and a fuse change will be 50p

How frequently do I need to have PAT testing done.

It all depends on the type of item but the average time is every year. It depends on the type of item and the environment it is being used in. We can give you free advice before you commit to any testing from us.

How much does PAT testing cost?

Testing starts at £50 for the first 25 items and then £1.25 per item after that. There are many companies who claim to offer testing for as low as 60p per item however your items will not always receive the proper testing procedure required. However we will always aim to beat any quote if possible.

Do you provide a certificate of testing?

Yes... you will receive a certificate of testing and a detailed test report of all the items tested. These can be shown to anyone that requests it to prove that your items have been tested. We also keep copies of all results should you lose them.

We aim to issue all tests results within 48 hours of cleared payment however in most cases it is quicker than this.